2022 Western Region AAAE - Research PAPERS
Contact: Shannon Norris norriss@nmsu.edu 

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American Association for Agricultural Education
Western Region
September 19–21, 2022
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Call for Preparation and Submission of Research Paper Abstracts

Manuscript Submission Format:

  • Prepare manuscripts in MS Word format.
  • Use Times Roman or Times New Roman 12-point font.
  • Set all margins at one inch.
  • Remove all names and/or identifying information on/in the manuscript. For example use [University] instead of your university’s name.
  • Single-space the manuscript; but double-space between paragraphs, heading and text, table and text, etc.
  • Center the bolded title of submission at the top of the first page; capitalize only the first letters of words in the title.
  • Reminder, manuscripts are not to include an abstract.
  • Start the body of your manuscript immediately following the title of the manuscript (with bolded, centered section headings as suggested below).
  • Use the following headers as suggested sections: Introduction/Theoretical Framework, Purpose(s)/Objective(s), Methods/Procedures, Results/Findings, Conclusions/ Recommendations/Implications, References.
  • Use the “Table” function command of MS Word to prepare tables rather than tabs and spaces.
  • Place Tables/Figures within the body of the paper “shortly” after their first mention in text.
  • Limit your manuscript to a maximum of 5 single-spaced pages, including all tables/figures but excluding references.
  • Use “insert, page numbers” command of MS Word to number all manuscript pages, including the first page; center number at bottom of each page. Do not use other footers, headers, or footnotes.
  • Follow manuscript style guidelines as specified by the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Associate (7th ed.), except as modified above. A sample manuscript can be viewed at http://aaaeonline.org/2022western/

Common Disqualifying Manuscript Errors:

  • Not blinded – author shares their name on the manuscript (e.g., cover page included).
  • Page limit, margins, or wrong font size (or attempt to curtail the call’s page limit through these means).
  • Track changes are still in the document.
  • Submitted as the wrong file type (PDF instead of Word).

Submission Procedures:

  • Manuscripts must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. (MDT) on Tuesday, June 1, 2022.
  • Submit manuscript via http://aaae.agedweb.org/
  • At least one author should be a dues-paying member of the Western Region.
  • Submit an electronic file in MS Word of the completed manuscript.
  • Please remove any identifiers from the file before submitting.

Questions regarding submission can be addressed to:

Shannon Norris (norriss@nmsu.edu), AAAE Western Region Research Conference Chair 


Anticipated Timeline

Submissions Open:  3/18/2022
Submission Deadline:  6/1/2022 10:59:59 PM (pacific time)
Review Deadline:  6/24/2022
Anticipated Review Completion:  6/24/2022
Accepted Final Copy Deadline:  9/1/2022
Proceedings Available:  9/17/2022
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