AgEdWeb Glossary Generator

In technical fields glossaries of common terms are useful teaching aids.  This tool allows you to create sorted and formatted HTML pages with a hyperlinked letter index.  You may also create a formatted Word document.  To use this tool create a file in the format:


This file can be created in Word, Notepad.  Word and Notepad files can be pasted into the form below by using the keys CTRL-A, CTRL-C to copy all the text of the document, then pasting using CTRL-V into the form.  Spell Check first!  Terms can be entered in any order.

Note:  Entries can be directly typed into the form by separating the term from the definition with a "*".  Glossary definitions can contain HTML tags like hyperlinks <a></a> or font tags like <b></b>.  The generated page can be edited with an HTML or text editor. Sample Glossary