Calculation Description

Standings are based on the following method.

Weighted Score

A weighted score for the chapter is computed for each field day. 

Weighted Score=(51-rank) + (Teams - rank)/2*

* this denominator is dependent on the contest.  Current values are:
Agricultural Mechanics: 2
Veterinary Science: 2

rank = the chapter placing in the contest.  First place=1

Teams = number of teams in the contest (one per chapter).   This factor awards additional points for bigger contests.

Example #1.  If you place 3rd in a contest with 23 teams.

Weighted Score=(51-3) + (23-3)/2 = 48 + (20/2) = 58

Example #2.  If you place 3rd in a contest with 13 teams.

Weighted Score=(51-3) + (13-3)/2 = 48 + (10/2) = 53

Overall Standing

The top three scores are added for each chapter.  A chapter needs to attend three competitions to be eligible. 

NOTE:  placings are determined using only one team from each school.   This may be different than what is reported on the tabulations since many contests report A & B teams.   Total teams are the total of counted ("B" teams are omitted) teams.   If a contest uses a qualifying round all teams will be placed even if they do not complete the all portions of the contest. 

Qualifying Contests

2016 Code.   See current code for the current list.

Agricultural Mechanics

Bear River/Nevada Union, CSU Chico, Arbuckle, UC Davis, Modesto JC, West Hill CC, Reedley CC, CSU Fresno, Merced CC, and Le Grand HS

Vet Science

CSU Chico, Arbuckle, UC Davis, Modesto JC, Reedley CC, CSU Fresno, Lassen CC, CSU Pomona/Mt. San Antonio CC, San Diego Section Field Day, Dinuba, and Clovis.


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