Tractor and Machinery Lab Exercises

Individual lab exercises designed for use in post-secondary instruction.  Generally organized around a 3 hour format.  Many of these labs are build around specific pieces of equipment.   This is easily changed to suit the available equipment.

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Row Crop Planter Calibration    
Grain Drill Calibration 
Simple Machines           
Tractor and Machine Hydraulics
Sprayer Calibration      
Fertilizer Equipment Calibration
Almond Harvesting Equipment 
Hay Harvesting Equipment        
Ballasting Tractors        
Getting to Know Tractors            
Driving & Operation #1 – Introduction to Driving Tractors         
Driving & Operation #2 -- 3 Point Hitching           
Driving and Operation #3 – Crawler, Loader & Forklift Driving    
GPS Leveling and Tractor Guidance   

Complete Lab Manual (with above labs)

Other Labs