Teaching Materials

I am no longer teaching, but thought some of my teaching materials might be of use to others.   These courses are semester long college level courses, but materials can be adapted to secondary level.   Materials posted here are generally in editable formats.  Teachers are free to use and edit as needed.  Course materials are zipped into a single file.  These courses all have labs (with a manual).   In general you will find assignments, labs, test and quizzes, a syllabus, and other activities.   Files are in zip format. 


 Introduction to Ag Mechanics (60MB)

A basic shop skills class that covers electrical, plumbing, cold metal, etc. 

Agricultural Machinery (800 MB)

A survey of tractors and agricultural machinery.  Lots of machinery photos.

Irrigation (400 MB)

An introductory irrigation course covering design, auditing, and management.

GPS/GIS, and Precision Ag (722 MB)

Course covers technology for PA, data collection, mapping.  Data for labs is included.