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Begin the process by choosing an event.  Then login using your login and password.  Once you have logged you will have a series of menu choices in the upper right of your screen.  These are dependent on your role (reviewer, author, administrator). 

Please review the topics below:

Registration  | My Information | Login | Password | Submission | Reviews | Troubles


To use the system you must first complete the registration page.  Once registered you will login to access the functions of the site.  Registration is not event specific and may be used for submissions to many events.


You must login to edit your information, submit, view reviews, or enter reviews.

My Information:

You may edit any of your information that was entered when you registered including username and password.  Changes will affect all functions including data associated with submissions.

Lost or forgotten username/password:

Use the option found on the login page.  You will be prompted for your email address and if it is found you will be emailed your username and password.

Submission Form:

Submissions are allowed between the dates setup by the event administrator.  You must login to submit.  Please follow the submission instructions provided.  You will receive a confirmation email if your document is successfully submitted.  If you don't check your email address for errors.  Did you follow directions for the filename (no special characters)?


Reviews are available online when allowed by the event administrator.  Reviews for all submissions are shown.  Choose the title of the submission you wish to view.  Note:  Reviews may not be available past the event date.  If the event date you may still be able to see the reviews.  To get to the event click on the "show all" link at the bottom of the page.


Contact the event administrator (contact) for all questions about acceptance, dates, reviews, etc.

If you are having technical difficulties first review this page.  Next contact and be sure to include specifics such as the event, error messages, etc. 


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