California Career Development Event Tabulations Programs

Events using the California CDE Tabulations Program may choose a variety of forms for a given contest.  See the CATA Curricular Code for which forms may apply and contact the contest organizers to see which forms they are using.  Coaches are advised to print sample forms and practice using them before the contest. 

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) cards are read by a scanner (similar to a Scantron test).  These are replacing the older barcode cards at some contests and many state finals.  Print sample score cards just like those used at major contests.  Forms can be printed on plain paper or index stock and used by your team.  Forms are in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Reader required.)

OMR Forms

Meats (updated 1/2018)

Milk Quality (updated 3/2019)

Soil and Land Evaluation (updated 2/9/20)

Poultry (updated 11/2015)

Livestock (updated 11/2015)

Exam Forms (used for many contests in place of a Scantron form)

Generic Judging Forms

Bubble Instructions (for OMR forms)

Barcode forms

Livestock (Old Barcode)

Generic (Used for all other contests that have barcode judging classes)

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