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CDE Tabulations


Scanners can be used to rapidly read and score CDE materials.  Scantron forms have long been used for written tests and ID scoring.  However the scores have to be manually entered into the tabulations program.  This process takes time and also introduces a chance for errors.   Scanners that can capture data in a file allow the data to be directly imported into the Tabulations program.  Solutions that have been tested with the Tabulations are described below.

If you are considering scanning for multiple contest field days then the computer used for scanning should be dedicated to the task so it wont become a bottleneck in the process.  Data files can be transferred to a tabulations computer via USB drive of network. 


GradeMaster is a low cost scanner that can be connected to a computer using the included DataLink software.  DataLink will export scored test forms in a comma delimited format that can be read by the Tabulations program.  Export the ID and the score.  Use forms that have an ID section (example).  The ID must conform to the ID format described in the Tabulations program documentation.  GradeMaster is connected to the computer via a USB cable.  Keys can be stored on the computer using the DataLink software and forms are purchased from Apperson.

Remark Office

The Remark Office software is designed to read from a standard sheet fed scanner.  The software uses user defined templates to determine how to scan and score forms.  The Tabulations program comes delivered with templates for a number of forms and test sheets.  This product does not require proprietary forms (like GradeMaster) and can scan judging cards, keep-cull, and other types of cards as well as test score sheets.  The Tabulations program will print these OMR forms pre-coded with the contestant information.  Data is exported in a comma delimited forma from Remark and imported into the Tabulations Program.  Scanner is not included with the software.

Basic scanner requirements are for a TWAIN interface and sheet feeder in the range of 20+ pages per minute.  Duplex scanning is required for some forms (land & meats).  Color scanning is not required.  Remark has be used successfully with Fujitsu, Hp, and Epson scanners. 

Updated: 03/31/2010

CDE Tabulations

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