Shop Safety Resources  
Last Updated: 02/04/2022

Shop Facilities Safety Checklists

Shop Safety Training  (Word) (contains safety topics for many common tools)

Shop Tool Diagrams (Word)

Concrete Mixers , Concrete Safety Tailgate Topic

Cornice Brake (Word Format)

Plasma Cutter Safety (Miller)

Pipe Threading Machine | Plumbing Safety

Hydraulic Shear Safety

Palm Sander

Health and Safety Guidelines for Painting | Painting Safety Rules (Word format)

Colorado State Safety Videos (AGED 240) By Nathan Clark

Portable Drills
Miter Saw
Circular Saw
Metal Cut-Off (Chop) Saw
Bench Grinder
Portable Grinder
Band Saw
Table Saw
Jig Saw
Drill Press

California Ag Teacher's Safety Guide (contains safety topics for most common tools)

Lab Safety Resources (Virginia Tech)

Ag Mechanics Advanced Clusters Curriculum

Machine Shop Inspection Form (PDF from Michigan OSHA)

Hand & Power Tool Safety (PDF from Michigan OSHA)

Cyberlawn - lawn care, outdoor power equipment, & gardening information

Power Tools Institute (Safety sheets and videos for table saw, circular saw, and power miter saw)

Miller Welding Safety

Lincoln Welding Safety

American Welding Society

Workplace Safety Tips - Zenith Insurance Company


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