Garden/Storage Shed Resources

Sheds are a great tool in teaching building construction.  They can be resold to recover costs of materials.   Typical purchased sheds cost $18 to $25 per square foot.  Depending on the size most can be build buy teams of 2-4 students.  These plans generally use standard construction materials and techniques.  Comerical sheds often use undersized lumber to reduce cost.   When incorperating a shed project into your curriculum consider the student learning outcomes than come from your design.  For example adding a window will teach window installation.  Using a truss will have different outcomes than framing the roof.  The tools required are minimal as sheds are build with portable tools commmonly found on a construction site. 

6' x 10' plan (HTML) Customizable to 6x8 or 6x12.
6'x10' plan (PDF)  
6'x10' plan (DWG) Editable plan. Shed PD Session.pptx
6' x 10' construction guide Includes plans, SLO's
6' x 8' Slide Show (PPT) Photos of construction
6' x 8' sample budget Excel
Bill of Materials (PDF) 6x8, 6x10, and 6x12 use the 6x10 plans
4' x 8' plan (PDF) Shed Roof
4' x 8' plan (PDF) Gable Roof
4' x 8' plan (DWG) Editable plan.  Shed Roof
4' x 8' plan (DWG) Gable Roof
4' x 8' construction guide Shed Roof
8 x 20 Storage Building plan (PDF)  
8 x 20 Storage Building plan (DWG)  
8 x 20 Bill of Materials  
Glossary of Building Terms (PDF)  
Cutting List Template Excel
Bill of Materials Template Excel
PD session PowerPoint  
Tool ID (PPT)  
Materials / Fasteners ID (PPT)  
Tool List for Shed Building  
Building Framing (PPT)  
BOOKS (Links to  
How To Build My Shed Kindle Edition

Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Sheds

Building a Shed  
Free CAD Products  
Solid Edge  
AutoCAD Light  
AutoCAD Educational Versions