California Career Development Event Tabulations Programs
IMPORTANT:   This program and site are no longer supported by the California FFA and will not be updated regularly.  The program remains available for use.  California configurations should be checked before use. 

California CDE Tabs Documentation (4MB, PDF) (updated 12/2020)

Sample Reports 2.0
Tabulations Materials Catalog
Sample Contest Score Cards
Fonts and Remark Templates
Judging Card Paper
Bar Code Scanners
Using Test and Form Scanners
Marketing Plan Tabulations Sheet (Excel)
ParliPro Tabs Program V2.10a (3/24/17)  Sample Reports

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FFA Ballots - Ballot forms and templates
CATA 2017 CDE Tabs Presentation

Importing from Canvas Gradebook

Importing from Google Sheets (or any spreadsheet).

Program Features:

  • Contest and Class titles are user defined. Up to 24 classes may be defined.
  • Classes for Hormel, reasons, and scores up to 9999 are supported.  Hormel scoring is automatic.
  • Classes can be configured to automatically multiply a raw score for proper weighting of the class.  The multiplier can be changed to 0 or a class may be hidden during a contest to drop a class from tabulations.
  • Sub contest results can be defined for any group of classes.  Sub contests can use the same sorting order (tie breaking) as the overall contest or a specific sort can be defined.
  • Data entry by keyboard and/or bar coded form (uses a light pen).  Keyboard entry by class, class/group, contestant, and missing scores only are supported.  Special data entry/scoring is provided for Keep/Cull, Grading, Milk Quality, and Land Judging
  • Scores can be imported from simple CSV files.  This option is useful for importing from OMR scoring machines.  See documentation for OMR scoring options and forms.
  • Teams can be any size, team scores are computed from the designated number of high individuals (ex. Top 3 of 4 or top 5 of 5).
  • Contestants can be grouped for rotations and data entry automatically or manually. 
  • Teams can be grouped for separate results reporting (within a single contest).  Useful for combined FFA and 4H contests.
  • Contestants can be grouped for results reporting (ex.  4H age groups). 
  • Contest materials can be printed on your forms (ex. score sheet, Scantron) or as bar coded cards (ex. judging cards)
  • Name tags, judges sheets, and other support materials can be printed including randomized reasons orders and contestant lists.
  • Contestants can be imported from external systems such as the CalAgEd Online Registration system, databases, or spreadsheets.
  • Double checking can be practiced by printing double check sheets during data entry or by comparing the data entry of two separate computers.  A check tabulations report is provided to check for missing and out of range scores.
  • Results can be printed at any time. 
  • Official placing and cuts can be entered at anytime before printing final results.
  • Raw tabulations and status reports to aid score checking can be printed or viewed.
  • Built-in Tabulations Checklist

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Instructional Videos
(An experiment, created for version 2.0)

Overview | Checklist Introduction | Steps

Online Hormel Computer

Additional CDE Resources

Version 2.14 (Updated 12/2020)

The program is free for non-commercial use by institutions and organizations supporting youth CDE and judging contests. 


Version 2.14a (2/22)

  • Minor changes to support gradebook import.  Class number (single digit) and judging placing (4 digits)

Version 2.14

  • Results can be rounded to a specific number of decimal places (use with fractional multipliers).
  • Import of contestants and scores for Google Sheets and Canvas Gradebook.
  • Class 4 removed for FBM tiebreaker.

Known Issues with Version 2.13:

  • Farm Business Management produces an error when printing results.   Workaround:  Remove class 4 in the tiebreaker.  Setup | Tiebreaker

Version 2.13a

  • Updated Soils template (download entire package) and changes to the soils card.
  • Some forms default to printing double sided (workaround by setting printer properties)

Important Notice:  (11/25/19)

Query Error:  A Microsoft update will cause the tabulations program not to run.   See: Microsoft Support Article.  A patch is available.

Version 2.13 with updated templates

  • Updated agronomy Remark Templates to prevent errors on incomplete forms.

Version 2.13

  • Updated to 2019-20 CATA Code.
  • Many contests updated to reflect changes to follow national code to use 4 scores as the team score.
  • Team activity score added to contest definitions.
  • Special tabulations notes added to selected contests. 
  • Floral forms updated.






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