Ag Mechanics Projects in a Box

Ideally we would prefer to teach Agricultural Mechanics in a well equipped shop.  This is not always possible.  The activities listed below can be used as a "take home box" or just activities that can be done at home.  Activities are provided in Word (docx) format so they can be tailored to individual needs.   Projects could be enhanced with a video demonstration by the teacher.

NOTE:  If you would like to add your own activities to this list, please send to

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Project/Activity Skills Tools/Materials Comments
Measuring Measuring small objects, use of fractions steel tape, things to measure in a box Learn about Fractional rules.  Practice on pieces of wood, pipe, etc.  Can be used as a preparation to drawing the object you measure. See  Agricultural Mechanics Transparencies
Measuring, Pacing Estimating distance by pacing 100' tape, chalk Pacing Video 
Rope work Knots, securing loads 15' Rope Learn to tie knots, hitches, splices, etc.
Rope Halter Knots Poly Rope, string for whipping Tie a useable rope halter.
Tool Sharpening Templates Measuring and layout skills Snips, combination square, sheet metal scraps or just a combination square and a large index card.  Have sheet metal scraps (4" x 8") pre-cut.   Lesson can begin by cutting out of stiff paper for practice.  Great project to learn how to use a combination square for layout.  Use of the Combination Square for Layout
Wood - Concrete Float Measuring and layout skills Wood, screws, sandpaper, Phillips Screwdriver, glue Project is pre-cut, but the handle location must be determined.   Float can be used for concrete stepping stone project. 
Concrete Stepping Stone Measuring, Concrete Finishing cement, sand, gravel,  
Concrete, volume calculations Following directions, calculation of volumes 100' tape Can be done at home, a park, or school.  A 25' tape will work.   Typically a helper is required for measuring.
Electrical Wiring Around the Home Home wiring and use of a multi-meter  Multi-meter Exploration of home wiring.  Multi-meter video  Using a Multi-meter handout
PVC Cord Reel Plumbing, measuring PVC cutter or hacksaw, PVC cement, pipe and fittings Introduction to PVC plumbing and a useful project.
Introduction to Drawing Practice in orthographic drawing Graph Paper (download and print)  
Electrical Wiring Wiring circuits to code Wiring boards, devices, electrical tools, wire Students can submit photos of various wiring projects. 
Wood - Bird House      
Wood - Simple Tote      
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