Ag Mechanics Project Plans

Cold Metal & Welded Projects
3 Point Hoist
3 Point Hoist 2
Bag Hand Cart
Battery Puller
Battery Puller 2
Cowboy and Wagon
Extension Cord Stand
Fence Splicing Tool
Gate Latch
Gate 2
Gate 3
Hitch Pin
Hose Hanger
Jack Stand
Log Splitter - Hand
Log Splitter - Hydraulic
Pipe Open Sawhorse
Pipe Sawhorse
Pipe Templates
Post Driver
Post Driver 2
Receiver Hitch
Receiver Hitch 2
Sheep Stand
Shelf Bracket
Shoe Scraper
Spare Tire Holder
Welding Positioner
Wire Bender
Sheet Metal Projects
Bolt Bin
Dust Pan
Dust Pan 2
Feed Scoop
Feed Scoop 2
Sharpening Template
Sheet Metal Basket
Sheet Metal Box


Woodworking Projects
Bench Hook
Bird House
Bird House 2
Bookend 2
Calf Pen
Feed Bunk
Garden Bench
Hay Feeder
Knife Holder
Lawn Chair
Loading Chute
Miter Box
Nail Box
Nail Box 2
Paper Towel Holder
Paper Towel Holder 2
Picnic Table and Bench
Planter Box
Planter Box 2
Push Stick
Push Stick 2
Redwood Table
Salt Box
Sawhorse 2
Sawhorse 3
Sawhorse - Open
Sheep Feeder
Silage bunk
Step Ladder
Step Ladder 2
Step Stool
Tool Storage
Toolbox 2
Toolbox 3
Wood Concrete Float
Wood  Concrete Float 2
Wood Practice Block
Woodworking Joints


Plumbing Projects
Pipe Fitting
Sprinkler Stand 2
Sprinkler Stand
Measuring Worksheet