California Agricultural Earth Science Lab Curriculum

California Ag Earth Science Lab Curriculum (Entire curriculum in PDF format.)

Agriculture Earth Science Lab Manual (Word)
Ag Earth Science Year Plan (Word)
Earth Science Standards
Agricultural and NR Industry Sector Standards
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Files are in Word 2007 (.docx) format.  Teachers with Word 2003 can open these files in Word 2003 using the Microsoft Compatibility pack.  Teachers without Word may access the curriculum using the PDF file above.  

A-1 Astronomy Book
A-2 The Big Bang Balloon
A-3 The Lifecycle of Stars
A-4 Effects of Minerals on Plant Growth
A-5 Element Project
B-1 Virtual Earthquake Webquest
B-2 Sea Floor Spread
B-3 The Ocean Floor and Particle Size
B-4 Plate Boundaries
B-5 Plate Tectonics Webquest
B-6 Snack Tectonics
B-7 Classifying Rocks
B-8 Density of Solids
B-9 Density Solids vs Liquids
B-10 Creating a Simulation Volcano
B-11 Effect of Magma on Surrounding Rock
B-12 Volcanoes Problem Based Learning
C-1 Caleb Weatherbee Farmers Almanac Accuracy
C-2 Creating a Climatogram
C-3 Jack Frost and the Crops
C-4 Earth Model Winds Currents Climate
C-5 Modeling the Greenhouse Effect
C-6 Graphing Tidal Cycles
C-7 Ocean Circulation Webquest
C-8 Ocean Currents and Climate
C-9 Salinity
C-10 Insulation Preventing Conduction
C-11 Wave Motion
D-1 Dinosaur Breath
D-2 Hyperlink Habitats
D-3 Farming Nitrogen
D-4 Modeling the Rock Cycle
D-5 Elementary Study of Soils
D-6 Soil Permeability
D-7 Water Conservation
D-8 Water Cycle and Environment
D-9 Causes of Weathering
D-10 Effect of Temperature on Chemical Weathering
D-11 Weathering and Erosion Picture
E-1 Air Quality
E-2 Effect of Humans on the Atmosphere
E-3 Ozone Detection
F-1 Element Project
F-2 Modeling Earths Farmland
F-3 California Agriculture Production Map
F-4 California Natural Hazards
F-5 Making Earthquake Safe Buildings
F-6 Managing Water Through Slope and Velocity
F-7 Raindrop Erosion
F-8 What are Their Water Needs


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